Music makes us whole

Can musical training improve an ACT score? Can musical knowledge help a person be a better problem solver? Can a musical background help someone make more money in a future job? According to members of the Minnesota Music Educators Association (MMEA), the answer to all of the above is yes! MMEA and Classical Minnesota Public […]

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Music teachers share their unique perspective on music education in America

Across the country music teachers believe that factors at the school level have the greatest impact on their programs. Matters beyond the school are not seen as having a significant influence on their programs, even though district, state and national educational policies have an effect on music education; according to a new study published in […]

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Music Makes You a Better Reader, Says Neuroscience

It’s known as the “musician’s advantage.” For decades, educators, scientists, and researchers have observed that students who pick up musical instruments tend to excel in academics—taking the lead in measures of vocabulary, reading, and non-verbal reasoning and attention skills, just to name a few. But why musical training conferred such an advantage remained a bit […]

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