‘Mozart effect’: can classical music really make your baby smarter?

The ‘Mozart effect’ phenomenon was first suggested by a scientific study published in 1993 in the respected journal Science. It showed that teenagers who listened to Mozart’s 1781 Sonata for Two Pianos in D major performed better in reasoning tests than adolescents who listened to something else or who had been in a silent room. […]

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How music improves brain function

While previous studies have found that listening to music (especially classical music) has a positive impact on a person’s cognitive ability and brain function, the molecular mechanisms responsible for these benefits had remained unclear – until now. Researchers from the Haartman Institute Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Helsinki in Finland, the University […]

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Classical music can give you more health benefits than you think

A new study reveals that listening to classical music enhances mood, sharpens memory and enhances learning. Listening to classical music kicks your genes into action, spurring the onset of several physiological processes in the body that can boost your mood and enhance your memory, according to Finnish researchers. Genes that secrete and transport the feel-good […]

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