This is your brain on music

Listening to music can have all sorts of effects on the mind and emotions. Music can pick you up when you’re feeling down, pump you up at the gym, and set the mood in the bedroom. While it’s clear listening to different types of music may have different effects on your mindset, could listening to […]

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Music’s impact on learning

Some students say listening to music in class helps them concentrate. For others, it’s a distraction. Music is more than just entertainment. Music can also improve learning in a few ways: It can help with recall and be a stress-reliever. The effects of music on learning are significant, according to researchers. Listening to music has […]

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The Benefits of Music Therapy

Being a parent you must have heard about the good impact of classical music on child development. You have read that music helps the young ones become more intelligent, attentive and sensitive. You even found it could influence their ability to learn languages and enhance memory. While it sounds great and encourages parents to expose […]

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